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Cam Marston - Butterflies Thumbnail

Cam Marston - Butterflies

Watch Cam's short story, Butterflies, for some wise words. "What you're feeling is not what people have been telling you. They're not butterflies in your stomach. They're jet fighters."

Cam Marston - My Friend Walt Thumbnail

Cam Marston - My Friend Walt

"She keeps an eye on Walt, she keeps him out of mischief." Find out who Walt is, why an eye is kept on this 90-year-old man, and why Cam considers Walt to be one of his "favorite people in the world" in this short story by Cam Marston.

Cam Marston - Not Your Friend Thumbnail

Cam Marston - Not Your Friend

"...It was NOT fun; however, deep down inside I knew this was a memory in the making. I was shivering on the outside. I was smiling on the inside." Find out what Cam's talking about in his short story, "Not Your Friend."

Cam Marston - Vulnerability Thumbnail

Cam Marston - Vulnerability

Have you ever felt vulnerable before? Who hasn't? Check out Cam's thoughts on the matter in his short story, titled "Vulnerability."